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Free Range

I’m going to interrupt my usual stream of unedited text with something completely different: A FINISHED PIECE!  My short story, “Free Range” is appearing in the April 12th release of Perihelion.  The original version was finished about a year ago.  It was rejected from a few high profile sci fi venues with the usual form letters.  In desperation, I turned to books about technique.  For me, the one that resonated the most was King’s excellent book “On Writing”.  After reading that book, I cut back on my alcohol consumption and stopped taking hikes on high speed roads.  That had very little effect on my publishing success.  What did work was King’s advice on trimming.  The master said, “cut ten percent” so I cut ten percent and tried again.  Success!  Or almost success.  A rewrite request!  Turns out I needed to trim another 2100 words.  I relinquished the words and the svelte little thing is now frolicking in its new found home:

From this experience, I conclude two things 1)  I have verbal diarrhea 2)  When the master says to cut ten percent, it means cut thirty.

This is going to be tricky to manage because I LIKE WORDS!  But I’m not very good with them yet so I will just leave you all with another link.